The Angel in Leopard Skin Pants.

It’s been over six weeks since my surgery and I have been cleared for normal activity.  A surgery that took me ten years to decide to endure.  I was very apprehensive going into this with the fear of what the doctor would find.  Something I didn’t want to know.  How would I heal being a diabetic, how would I get around in a camper, most of all, how would I be able to find a doctor I could trust?

Not being from around these parts, I had no one who could recommend an OB/GYN.  I had to go it alone.  At this point in my life, Google had become my friend.   I went to the Googles and looked up reviews for a local OB/GYN in my area.  There was several to choose from, however, one caught my attention.  Dr. Jyothi Nichanametla’s Google reviews were more than convincing enough having a 4.5 star out of 5-star rating peeked my curiosity.  So, I thought I would give her a chance, I had never been to a female OB/GYN before.  This should be interesting and interesting it was.


During my first meeting with Dr. Nichana, I was pleasantly surprised when a well dressed, bubbly, female came bouncing through the door.  She was full of light, glowing you could say.  I felt immediately as easy as she took my hand, making eye contact during the course of the appointment.  She was full of information as I was full of questions.  I knew at the end of this appointment I would allow her to perform the needed surgery.  I even took my Mother-in-Law with me for a second opinion and the Doctor passed the ‘Judy approval test’.  She was a shoe in.

There were many more appointments to come, female exams, blood, and paperwork, but every appointment was pleasant and sometimes comical.  The Doc has a great sense of humor.  Her staff was always polite and attentive to my needs.  I never felt ‘pushed to the side or unimportant’.

After the surgery, Dr. Nichana’s bedside manner was impeccable and fashionable, hehe.  Making her rounds at 6:30 in the morning, she gently rubbed my hand not to startle me.  I distinctly remember her wearing leopard print legging which made me smile.  I had a pair at home just like them.  The three days I spent at St. Mary’s Livonia hospital she promptly came to my room, if not early.  She was very punctual and full of smiles.

After the surgery, it was up to me how well I would recover.  She gave me advice and I listened.  My incision healed quickly with minimal effort.  I sat around a lot.  This isn’t to say I will always have my reminder of Dr. Nichana carved on my belly, lol.  But what I will say without a doubt is she is a fine OB/GYN, who I would recommend to any female with no hesitation.  I want to thank you, Dr. Nichanametla and your staff for a job well done.  Not only is my problem resolved but I feel 100% better.





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